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Added: 27/01/24
🔛 MuLovers
🌐 Website:
🔹Version: Season 18
🔹Experience: 5000x
🔹Drop: 80%
🔹Master Experience: x5000
🔹MaxLevel: 1500
🔹Guild Create Level: 100

🔹DWLevelUpPoint = 5
🔹DKLevelUpPoint = 5
🔹FELevelUpPoint = 5
🔹MGLevelUpPoint = 7
🔹DLLevelUpPoint = 7
🔹SULevelUpPoint = 5
🔹RFLevelUpPoint = 7
🔹GLLevelUpPoint = 7
🔹MG Create Level: 1
🔹DL Create Level: 1
🔹RF Create Level: 1
🔹GL Create Level: 1
🔹DOES NOT remove stats when resetting.
🔹There is offstore.
🔹Many Customs
🔹We Are In Beta so report bugs please!!
🔹There are minispots on many maps (there are ten mobs, enough to have a place to leave AFK).
🔹Events mostly activated and event drops were configured accordingly (kundun box drops, kanturu event, crywolf, selupan, jellyfish, etc).

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